Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Carlos P. Javier 1991-2007

Madrid, Spain - Carlos Javier, a 16-year-old anti-fascist activist, was stabbed and killed by a 24-year-old off-duty soldier, identified as Josué Estébanez de la Hija with neo-Nazi affiliations. Javier was riding a metro train with a group of anti-fascists reported to be Redskins on their way to a pro-immigration protest on Sunday. While stopped at Legazpi station they spotted Estébanez who was wearing a t-shirt with a neo-Nazi symbol.

Estébanez attacked two of the anti-fascists with a knife, wounding one 19-year-old Jonathan M. Alexander in the lung and Javier fatally in the heart. Fighting ensued and a fire extinguisher was smashed filling the train car with particles. Estébanez attempted to flee the station but was apprehended and is now in police custody.

Police have obtained a copy of detailed surveillance footage from the train and have released a summary of it's contents. Alexander is expected to recover from his wound and a demonstration in memory of Javier has been scheduled for Saturday November 17th.