Monday, March 05, 2007

Nairobi, Kenya - Prisoners rioted following the escape of five inmates at Nakuru Prison. The five, four of whom were on death row, cut the bars to their cell with a hacksaw before using a blanket to climb the outer wall. When the prison guards decided to lock down the remaining prisoners and search for a rumored gun the prisoners reacted by throwing stones and injuring at least two guards. They then sang in Swahili "Bado mapambano" (the struggle continues) before the riot was put down with tear gas and reinforcement.

A recent report shows that last year there were 141 escapes by suspects. That number does not include the escapes by convicts or those held in remand. For instance, the break last year at the Embu GK prison in which the prison was stormed and four people, including a prison warder, were killed.