Monday, February 05, 2007

St. Petersburg, Russia - Fascists are suspected to be responsible for a bomb attack timed to coincide with a Food Not Bombs (FNB) sharing Sunday. A time bomb hidden inside a flower stall exploded in Vladimirskaya Square, where FNB shares food with homeless and other hungry people every week. The device exploded at 4:20 PM when the group is scheduled to be there. Because the group was late and because the explosion was not very large no one was injured.

On January 14th Ivan Elin, an anarchist activist and member of the local FNB chapter, was attacked and stabbed approximately 20 times by neo-Nazi fascists. In September 2005 anarchists Timur Kacharava and Max “Zgibov” Zgibai were attacked and stabbed by neo-Nazis. Kacharava was killed and Zgibai was hospitalized.