Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Santa Comba, Galicia, Spain - Animal liberationists touched off a more than $6 million slaughterhouse fire and liberated 160 cows. Investigators believe that the arsonists had detailed prior knowledge of the facility. A police spokesperson said "the fact that the intruders propped doors open with tape to allow live animals to escape while they simultaneously set fire to key areas of the property is definite proof that they knew the place well."

Repairing the damages to the building, refrigeration units and vehicles is estimated to cost €5 million or about $6.5 million, and will most likely take at least three to six months to complete. None of the 160 liberated cows have been recovered, and no communique or claim has been received, but authorities believe that that action was the work of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF,) known locally as the Frente de Liberación Animal (FLA.)