Monday, December 04, 2006

Southern Weld Valley, Tasmania, Australian - Pro-industry thugs attacked activists at a logging protest camp with rocks and molotov cocktails. Demonstrators were camped at the site of a road blockade when they were awoken around 3 am Saturday morning by men yelling obscenities, anti-environment insults, and throwing rocks. After a short period of time the attackers drove off in three vehicles. Twenty minutes later they returned and threw petrol bombs which landed only a few meters away from where people had been sleeping.

No one was injured during the incident. Police have formally opened an investigation into the incident but claim to have found no evidence to support the protesters claims. But the Huon Valley Environment Centre says that the police don't seem to be interested in arresting anyone for attacking the camp and that they have so far refused to interview all the witnesses and ignored evidence of a petrol-covered beer bottle and an oil-soaked rag.

Environmentalists have been blockading the road in hopes of halting logging in the pristine valley where the Australian government and the timber industry would like to see the old growth forests converted into wood chips. They also plan on building a wood burning power plant in the area.