Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hardwick, Massachusetts, US - Twenty-three New Zealand white rabbits were liberated from a rural Massachusetts animal-testing laboratory owned by the Caprologics corporation. The raid was executed by the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) who dedicated the action to the SHAC 7 defendants, that were recently sentenced to between one and six years in prison for conducting a protest campaign against another animal-testing company.

According to the ALF communiqué when the lab was finished experimenting on rabbits they would be "cut and left to bleed until their life has drained away" and then "thrown into the surrounding fields for coyotes to eat." On Thursday, a Cincinnati-based group called Stop Animal Exploitation Now filed a complaint against Caprologics with the US Department of Agriculture based on photographs taken during the raid and supplied by the ALF.

The ALF has claimed credit for liberating over a thousand animals in the past month alone, primarily in Scotland where a fish farm and a Highland farm that held wild boar were targeted.