Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dario Ringach

Los Angeles, California, US - UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) vivisector Dario Ringach tells animal rights activists: "you win." Ringach had recently became a focus of animal rights campaigners when he received the go ahead to perform lethal experiments on 30 macaque monkeys in order to try and better understand how monkeys process what they see. The monkeys would have first been paralyzed, then coils would have been glued to their eyes, and after 120 hours they would be killed.

Ringach promised not to do anymore experiments on animals in an email he sent to the Animal Liberation Front Press Office. In July the Animal Liberation Front claimed credit for crudely constructed fire-bomb that was left on the Bel-Air porch of a neighbor of one of Ringach's UCLA colleagues Lynn Fairbanks. The bomb which did not go off was intended as a warning for Fairbanks who also experiments on primates