Thursday, July 27, 2006

London, Ontario, Canada - The Earth Liberation Front (ELF) is suspected of being responsible for yet another rash of vandalism at construction sites in the area around Guelph. "Stop Destroying our Earth" was written with grease on the windshield of an excavator, gravel was discovered in fuel and oil tanks and wires were snipped in various pieces of heavy machinery at three construction sites. The cost of the sabotage is estimated at approximately $100,000. Constable Joe Pavoni said that "whoever is doing it has a unique knowledge of the equipment."

Last week a similar vandalism spree targeted new development sites in nearby Brantford, and prior to that in Toronto and Guelph. Some newly constructed Guelph buildings have also been burned down in the name of the ELF. One of the ELF major issues over the years has been stopping urban sprawl and unchecked development.