Monday, April 17, 2006

Athens, Greece - Students at the prestigious Panteion University exposed and expelled an armed member of the right-wing fascist group Chryssi Avgi (Golden Dawn) who was discovered on campus. The fascist, Gerasimos Papagiannis, who is also the son of a high ranking police officer, was disarmed by the students. In response students called for an anti-fascist demonstration to take place at 5pm. As people were gathering a group of fascists armed with clubs, knives, and flare guns, appeared and attacked the crowd leaving three with serious stab wounds.

Once the fascists left, protesters built barricades around the campus and attacked police officers, who they accused of working with the fascists, with molotov cocktails. Police did not attempt to enter the university grounds. Members of the same fascist party were also responsible for a stabbing incident that left three teenagers hospitalized in Thessaloniki last month.