Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Eugene, Oregon, U.S. - Sarah Harvey, also known as Kendall Tankersley, who was arrested along with five others on December 7th, was granted $250,000 bail by Judge Ann Aiken Friday. The arrests were part of a coordinated sting that spanned the country and included four states and targeted people who had been involved in the environmental and animal rights movement. Each of the individuals arrested have been charged with committing acts of arson on behalf of the Earth or Animal Liberation Front. One of the conditions of her release is that she not have any contact with people in the Earth Liberation Front or the Animal Liberation Front. Activists claim that the arrests are nothing more than harassment and say that the FBI is creating a 'Green Scare."

The "Green Scare" is a term many people are using to describe the contemporary government hysteria surrounding and persecution of environmentalists and animal rights activists. In May the government described the ELF as "the biggest terrorist threat in the US." This assertion contradicts commonly known information about groups on the radical right, like the Army of God who have murdered numerous doctors who perform abortions and are responsible for the 1996 Olympics bombing, which killed two and maimed 111 others. The Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts have committed 1000s of direct actions without ever harming a person since forming in 1976.