Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Moldavanovka, Kyrgyzstan - Government troops, near the capital Bishkek, are attempting to take control of a prison which was taken over by prisoners two weeks ago. The soldiers have sealed off all roads around the prison and intense shooting can be heard in the area. During the assault uprisings broke in Novo-Pokrovka and Jalal-Abad, two other jails in the area. Inmates throughout the country have been revolting for the past month. They have been coordinating their actions with cell phones, which are allowed in Kyrgyz prisons. Two weeks ago a member of parliament, his entourage and the head of the Kyrgyz prisons were killed while touring a prison hospital. The parliamentarian Tynychbek Akmatbayev was the third lawmaker killed since the new government took over last March following a nation-wide insurrection.