Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Louisiana, U.S. - Anarchist mutual aid groups like May Day DC, Food Not Bombs and many more caravaned from throughout the country to support the survivors of hurricane Katrina. Like when New York City's Twin Towers were struck down and anarchist squatters and aid workers were some of the first on the scene to help find survivors, anarchists have been setting up relief centers in affected areas and providing food, medicine, transportation, and other support. The government relief effort is so disorganized that "the military, FEMA, and the Red Cross are sending people needing help over to a tent set up by anarchists" according to one aid worker. Another in the community of Algiers reports that a renegade National Guard group procured supplies from FEMA and delivered them to anarchist aid workers. Anarchists are providing more than food, water, and medicine. A group from New York City called The Emergence Broadcasting System) is headed to New Orleans with computers, satellite phones, and generators which they'll use to set up mobile info-points where residents can access the Internet, e-mail and make phone calls to friends and family. A low powered pirate radio FM station has already hit the airwaves and is helping to keep people informed.