Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A British soldier abandons his tank after being hit by firebombs

Basra, Iraq - A British force of more than 10 tanks with helicopter backup attacked and destroyed the Basra central jail freeing two alleged British secret commandos who were captive there. Approximately 150 other prisoners were able two also escape during the attack. The two Britons were arrested by Iraqi police in a civilian car packed with explosives after they shot at civilians and an Iraqi police station, while wearing Arab style dress. One police officer died and another was injured as a result.

The British Government tried to cover up the action by saying that the two had been released after negotiations. Some had speculated that the British and American forces have been trying to exploit tribal and ethnic differences in order to maintain control of the region, and that the two operatives who were captured were working towards that end. Angry Iraqis attacked the tanks with stones and molotov cocktails forcing one tank to be abandoned before the prison was demolished.