Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. - Those too poor to relocate in the face of Hurricane Katrina help themselves to what is left behind. The storm has turned the area in to a toxic waste disaster and the governor has now ordered the National Guard to evacuate the survivors as flood waters continue to rise. The guard have been short handed as most of the members are in Iraq. Some police have stated that they will turn a blind eye to people who are taking necessities such as food and water from closed down stores, but many have taken the opportunity to also help themselves to other goods. Looters cleared out the entire firearms section of a WalMart and in a separate instance both a looter and a police officer were wounded in a shootout. Looters aren't the only people trying to make some money out of this disaster. Business in Memphis and other neighboring areas is booming with the dollars of the hurricane's refugees. The economy as a whole is expected to suffer. More Pictures