Friday, July 29, 2005

Madison, Wisconsin - Peter Daniel Young may have felt a relief after the majority of the charges against him where dropped last week until that is he learned that friends of his may soon be facing charges for harboring him while he was on the run. The FBI has announced that they "have probable cause to believe that one or more individuals ... have in some manner assisted Young in remaining concealed from arrest," since he was charged in connection to a series of fur farm raids in 1997. It is now up to the U.S. attorney's office in San Francisco to decide whether or not they want to file charges against since according to the FBI he and his friends were living in the area.

Investigators claim that Peter had been living in an apartment in Santa Cruz, California since in May 2003, and that he used another animal rights activist's credit card to run a CD and DVD mail order business over the Internet. When arrested stealing eight copies of the same CD from a Starbucks he had the credit card as well as postal delivery receipts, and a fake Virgina State ID with the same name he had rented the apartment under.