Sunday, June 05, 2005

Earth First!

  • Fairfield, Maine - A Wednesday action and rally in Maine left the Plum Creek Timber Company office adorned with painted slogans such as "Maine is not for sale," "Scum Creek" and "2nd growth, not 2nd homes." Also the company's sign was removed. The protesters decried the company's plans to "develop" 426,000 acres of wilderness around Moosehead Lake. There were no witnesses to the vandalism and no arrests have been made.

  • Indianapolis, Indiana - A rally against the proposed "NAFTA Super Highway" Interstate 69 extension by Roadblock Earth First! saw the Statehouse spray-painted with anti-NAFTA slogans. 24 people were arrested about a block away from the action and forced to kneel handcuffed on the sidewalk. Police did not know who left the graffiti and charged everyone with disorderly conduct. One woman was tasered by police while trying to get away and was subsequently charged with battery on a police officer and resisting arrest.