Wednesday, April 13, 2005

University Park, Pennsylvania - Former Penn State student Craig Tonik, 19, has been arrested for allegedly starting a $500,000 fire in the university's new School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture Building on March 27. Police believe the arsonist painted the word "TANG" in orange paint on seven campus buildings the same night. Craig is also being charged with painting red anarchy symbols on a number of churches and a Veterans of Foreign Wars post on the night of April 4. Once the anarchy symbols appeared police began to consider domestic terrorism as the cause, though they weren't sure it was related to prior incidents of graffiti or the fire. The FBI is now investigating the case, and believe that "TANG" stands for "Terrorist Anarchist Ninja Guys!" Since his arrest the "TANG" graffiti has reappeared on camps this time scratched into a student's car. Craig Tonik is being held in Centre County Prison in lieu of $875,000 bail.