Friday, April 15, 2005

Oslo squatters publicly reoccupy an empty building

Land Struggles Around The World

  • Oslo, Norway - About 35 squatters have retaken their home of six months, at Mor Go'hjertas Street 23 in the Bjølsen district of Oslo, after being ejected from it on Tuesday. One police officer stood by as the occupation took place and does not have any action planned immediately. A number of private security guards are watching the entrance to ensure that no one else enters the building.
  • Utrecht, Netherlands - About 80 riot police cleared out a squat on the Vredenburg in "a major operation" Thursday. Squatters chained themselves to the building and six were arrested.
  • Kyrgyzstan - Thousands of landless peasants have seized upon the revolutionary mood and claimed vacant lands throughout the former soviet republic of Kyrgyzstan. Just when it seamed certain to outsiders that the March 24 “tulip revolution” had ended without any true revolutionary change; a wave of land occupations swept the country. People first began staking claims to unused land near the capital Bishkek on April 7, but nobody seems to know how it spread so quickly. By law every Kyrgyzstan national was supposed to have been given their own piece of land after the Soviet-era collective farms were divided up in the early Nineties, but over 50,000 claims have been filed by those who say they have not received their land.
  • Honolulu, Hawaii - Hundreds of homeless people rallied at Hawaii's capital to protest an anti-homeless law. The year old law, known as Act 50, allows police to arrest anybody they deem as homeless on public beaches and parkland.