Wednesday, March 30, 2005

San Jose, California - Animal rights activist Peter Daniel Young, 27, has been arrested on a federal domestic terrorism warrant after 7 years underground. He is allegedly responsible for releasing thousands of mink and causing approximately one million dollars in damage to fur farms throughout the Midwest. He is scheduled to appear in Santa Clara County Court on April 11, at which point he may be extradited back to Wisconsin. He was arrested there in 1997, on charges of conspiracy to interfere with interstate commerce and violating the then named Animal Enterprise Protection Act with the alleged intent to coerce mink farms out of business by inflicting economic loss and damage. If convicted he may face life in prison.

According to the San Jose Police Department, Young was arrested on March 21 while attempting to shoplift CDs from a Starbucks. He is presently being held in isolation at Santa Clara County Jail for refusing to take a tuberculosis test because the shot contains animal products. The jail has also failed to provide him with meals free of animal products.