Sunday, March 06, 2005

Queens, New York - New York City's Anti-Imperialist Anarchist contingent took to the streets of Sunnyside Queens today, as part of the St. Pat's For All Parade. The contingent, which included the Rude Mechanicals Orchestra and the Hungry March Band, provided a lively and festive element to Queens' yearly all-inclusive celebration of Irish heritage. The anarchist and anti-imperialist marchers carried black flags with circle "A" shamrocks and were led by a banner proclaiming "US out of Iraq, UK out of Ireland". Spectators along the route waved and cheered as the bloc bounced and danced to the beats of the march bands. Flyers, which related the anti-imperialist causes of Iraq, Palestine, and Ireland's 6 counties, were distributed throughout the march. Although police barred fire performing, participants kept the festivities alive with stilt-walkers, hula-hoopers, flag-twirlers, and tall-bike-riders, who danced, tumbled, and made our presence known and appreciated.