Thursday, February 17, 2005

  • Pennsylvania - West Homestead Police Chief David Ausburn was arrested after being investigated by the federal, state and local units, which handle investigations of child pornography, child exploitation and Internet coercion throughout Western Pennsylvania. Ausburn 35, rendered his resignation, which was granted, when the investigation first became public. Details including the charges have been sealed and are unkown.
  • Kentucky - Shepherdsville Police Officer Adam Wheeler has been indicted by a grand jury for engaging in deviant sexual intercourse with a girl less than 12 years old. Wheeler wasn't required to post bail, but the police department suspended him.
  • New Jersey - More than a third of the Waterford Township Police Department has been suspended or fired in the wake of a drug and sex scandal which involves officers having sex in patrol cars while on duty. Investigators claim to have evidence of such activity dating back to 2002.
  • Texas - Three former Houston area law officers have been arrested for pulling a scam which involved using "prostitutes" to lure men who they would threaten with arrest and then rob. The three who were veteran officers ran the scam for at least six months, but were fired recently for unrelated reasons.