Thursday, January 06, 2005

Two of the New Jersey squatter dwellings slated for demolition.

A nearly 20 year old secluded squatter community in Central New Jersey has recently come under the scrutiny of the local township government, who would like to see it razed. Officials say that it is a "quality-of-life issue" and despite evidence to the contrary have described the area as "just deplorable." The effort to dislocate the community is being led in part by local business leaders like Robert Landolfi who has vowed to "to do whatever we can to get them into the social-service delivery system." A 16 year long resident named Pink who built his cottage to look like a mini castle said "This is my home. I planned to fix the place up and live in peace" but now all that is "down the drain." The township claims to own the land and plans to destroy all the homes built there by March.