Sunday, January 23, 2005

Protesters temporarily halted George Bush's inaugural parade Thursday, and shut down a number of entrances to the route. Later in night a few hundred anarchists and others took part in a high spirited torch-lit procession towards an inaugural ball at the Hilton. The march was intercepted by police before reaching it's destination. More than 60 people were arrested on minor charges, most of whom were released the next morning. The demonstrators relieved a number of banks, a police station, and corporate fast food outlets, of $15,000 worth of windows. A police cruiser which tailed the march met with a brick which was hurled through the wind shield. Other protests were held throughout the country, in places like Modesto, California, Sacramento, California, Portland, Oregon, Milwakee, Wisconson, Mentor, Ohio, Vermillion, South Dakota, Lexington, Kentucky, Austin, Texas, and Toronto, Canada.