Friday, June 25, 2004

The Justice Department is using patriot act enhanced anti-biological terrorism laws to harass radical artist and University of Buffalo professor Steven Kurtz. On May 11th following the tragic death of his wife Hope Kurtz, of a heart attack, police who arrived on the scene and saw Steven's biology equipment, and decided to alert the FBI. The equipment investigators found in the Kurtz home was part of an art exhibit on genetic engineering for Massachusetts MoCA's "Interventionists" show. Following Steven Kurtz's wife's death he was detained for 22 hours and most of his art and his wife's body was confiscated. Steven has yet to be charged with any crime yet was forced to appear before a grand jury hearing of which all details are bound to secrecy by law. The focus of the government's interest seems to be directed at Steven's involvement in the Critical Art Ensemble, a collective which explores "the intersections between art, technology, radical politics, and critical theory."