Sunday, May 30, 2004

I’d Rather Firebomb An SUV Than Own One!
By Kirsten Anderberg

I understand why people are driven to firebomb new SUV’s on sales lots, I am not clear why people are driven to buy and drive them though. The pure gluttony of the American lifestyle is assaulting to people who care about the earth and its living things. Driving around, one driver, one car, in gas-guzzling, class-insulated, oblivion, is not innocuous, or even innocent, at this point in the game. And firebombing SUV’s is not innocent behavior either. I am sure when people do things like firebomb SUV’s, they do it with some understanding of the risk involved and realize if caught, they will be punished. I think all that is a given. So when I see a story like Jeff “Free” Luers’, it saddens me that our government is so lagging behind in so many areas, and they all culminate at the epicenter of Jeff’s sentencing.

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